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Thank you for visiting my website. I specialize in helping owners like you sell properties that were previously marketed for sale, but didn’t sell and became Expired or Canceled listings… I know how frustrating it is when a listing is mishandled and a property doesn’t sell… and on top of it you get hammered with unsolicited calls from every agent on the market (including a call from me). The difference between them and me is that we actually specialize in rebooting listings that had a false start and didn’t sell the first time around. 

Customized Marketing actually matters. 

What I have discovered since 2005 in Los Angeles real estate is that most listings expire or cancel because they weren’t marketed properly… from technical issues in how the properties are marketing on the MLS, Zillow, RedFin, LoopNet and Costar, to over-arching issues of no customized marketing packages with persuasive stories. 

Communicating & Negotiating Properly. 

The next issue is typically there were issues with communication and handling of buyer’s agents and buyers themselves. Simple communication issues can sandbag a listing, and the seller doesn’t ever know it’s happening. No one can re-brand and re-market a property like me. I will make the story unique, because every property is unique, and I will focus on the major property, location and other benefits for a buyer to get excited about. On top of this, I make it a point to take all calls, answer all emails and do nearly all showings myself to make sure we accomplish our clients’ goals of selling for top-dollar with the least amount of brain-damage. 

Pricing is NOT always the issue.

Finally, pricing is easy to point to as the excuse for a property not selling the first time around, but that’s really not always the issue. Most agents who are about to have their listing canceled or expired tell their clients that the price must be dropped. But… if the marketing isn’t phenomenal and the communication wasn’t excellent, then there’s no need to discuss dropping the price at all. Many of the properties that I re-brand, re-market and then re-list I sell at higher prices than the previous agents marketed at. Not every time, but most times. 

Please see the Case Studies below to see what we do best and let me know if you have any questions? 

Case Study — Hollywood Storytelling

A Beachwood Canyon Fourplex in the Hollywood Hills

Here is an actual case study of our team selling 2166 Beachwood Terrace, Los Angeles, CA 90068, after it had been “marketed” for over 7.5 months by one of our competitors (at my former brokerage). 

Once we were hired as the new listing agents for this four-unit multifamily property in Beachwood Canyon in the Hollywood Hills, we immediately hired a professional photographer to shoot interior, exterior and aerial photos, a writer to write a persuasive description of the property and location, and a graphic designer to design custom floor plans and a beautiful marketing package. 

With these in hand, we used our researchers to find local active buyers in the area, emailed, texted, and cold-called them, and with our efforts we found a buyer who fell in love with Beachwood Canyon that was in a 1031 exchange and who was willing to pay over list price. 

We generated seven written offers total.


Expired case study before - Beachwood
Expired case study after - Beachwood